Thursday, November 11, 2010

paper cookies

Prep a nice fine pulp, colored or plain. You can make bags full, ahead of casting session. Wet pulp keeps well under refrigeration. We also dry it in blocks and rehydrate as needed for small projects.
 Fill the mold with wet pulp. This piece has a facing of white wild-flower seeded sheet, pressed first, with a backing sheet of colored pulp.
Lay absorbent felt or towelling over the mold and press evenly to remove water and compress fibers. We love microfiber towels for this; big sponges work well too.Press with hand, stomp brush, sponge or small roller. Finish with tea towels or paper napkins to check with fingertips for complete water press-out.

 STOMP - big flat head stencil brush shown  next to a very wet towel, in place over pulp in mold.

 To remove cast, first free edges all around,
then gently lift towards the center
working from a few outside starting points. 
 Support paper from underneath as you remove it. Wet paper is quite fragile.
Finished cast, next to mold.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

concrete - painting the gator

In the beginning - hosed off a bit, drying.

Bad teeth! Good cast.

up close and personal :
and some time later...                                              .
a much more colorful gator!

 today need to do the irises. Irii? and seal it.

bite me.