Friday, November 30, 2012


Our first annual holiday show and sale December 7 - 9. That's next weekend!

New holiday cards, gift tags and boxes will be up online by Tuesday on the website ( er, that's ) aong with fibre arts  jewelry, collage illustration painting and sculpts

Arrive early and create your own tags, cards or bookmarks. Emboss, print, stamp, sponge and flock !
 *  RSVP to us if possible so we will know how many cookies to bake.

Also, anyone who brings gloves, socks, or a warm hat for the local shelter will be treated to a surprise freebie.

 Friends, please consider this a great gift buying opportunity & start your shopping motors. Check the website often for updates!
Supporting small business has a great ripple effect ~ please share this with anyone you wish.  cause we are thinking, a Ca$h Fla$h Mob would be most helpful...

Happy holiday hunting!