Fiber Beads

an easy peasy project that makes wonderful unique jewelry.
Excellent for "group therapy": switch & mix with everyone's wild and woolly warp ends.<  Plus,
hOw cool to use your leftover
  knitting/ crochet yarns and
embroidery floss to make
the perfect accessory!

  • MATERIALS: fat pipe cleaner, fiber ends & floss, complementary beads, jewelry clasp, tiger tail or dental floss
  • TOOLS: scissors, wooden skewer or knitting needle, white glue, needle

TECHNIQUE: Select several colors of fiber strands (This is the fun part!) and cut about 18" lengths to twist together as you go.

Wrap these closely around the pipe cleaner.

*Put a drop of glue on the end to hold the fibers together, and a drop of glue on the pipe cleaner when you begin.Make the wrap close together without crushing the fluff of the pipecleaner.

  • Next, coil the embellished pipe cleaner around the skewer, as shown in the picture. Slide the rings tight against one another as you wrap, to form a close spiral.
  • Slide it off and cut into bead lengths. 
  • String these onto the tigertail/dental floss, with other beads between. 
    *Start the bracelet with one end of your clasp, and tie or crimp the linking piece at the end.


Funky, Fun and Colorful ~
ready to wrap and gift!

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