Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nice clear micromacrame tutorial! 
 What a great use for my stash of embroidery threads and random bead/button collection! 

With thanks to Sherri Stokey,  the Queen of Micro-macrame.

More and even more beautiful work available to view (& buy!)
 in her etsy shop

and on her Blog:

Got beads?

xo Judy

Friday, December 7, 2012

PaperCast Winter Fest

Paper cast  samplers

We use our own molds to cast seed-embedded papers. 

These are great for making  holiday gift cards!

*Check our blog archives for the how-to hands on papercasting,
 or look online at  in the tutorials drop-down ...   
       Better yet, come over and make some at the cafe with us. 
GUT JUL!    4.5" x 6"

"Noel noel noel, Noel Sing we clear..."  2.2" text box, 3.25" casting

Noel carving detail


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Open House

Please visit the webpage for more details or for online shopping:

Carving, casting and mold making, mixed media, fine arts illustration, mural and faux painting. Concrete, paper, clay, wax, chocolate...what do you want to make? Dream and Do! 

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Friday, November 30, 2012


Our first annual holiday show and sale December 7 - 9. That's next weekend!

New holiday cards, gift tags and boxes will be up online by Tuesday on the website ( er, that's ) aong with fibre arts  jewelry, collage illustration painting and sculpts

Arrive early and create your own tags, cards or bookmarks. Emboss, print, stamp, sponge and flock !
 *  RSVP to us if possible so we will know how many cookies to bake.

Also, anyone who brings gloves, socks, or a warm hat for the local shelter will be treated to a surprise freebie.

 Friends, please consider this a great gift buying opportunity & start your shopping motors. Check the website often for updates!
Supporting small business has a great ripple effect ~ please share this with anyone you wish.  cause we are thinking, a Ca$h Fla$h Mob would be most helpful...

Happy holiday hunting!