Friday, April 12, 2013


"EZ photo screen making"


  • DIY magic screen making is like flowers:
    just add water and sun.
    works poifickly on fabric, ceramics,
    wood, paper.
    silkscreened dragonflies with fabricmate color pen detailing

    no great investment in materials or tools!

Whether you make arts and crafts for a living or for fun,
screen printing introduces a whole new world of surface design. 
A silkscreen can do anything a rubber stamp or a cut-out stencil can do - and much more. You have the freedom to create your own stencils with either your own drawings or from your choice of clip art images and designs.
You can use your screens with dyes, etching paste, textile paint, oil based paints, ceramic glazes, ceramic and glass paints, latex enamels, acrylics. You can use your screens to print on:
  • Fabric... quilt squares, banners or layer upon layer complex cloth, or yardage to sew.
  • Clothes... vests, scarves, kimonos, kids clothes, t-shirts
  • Ceramics... tiles, cups, bowls, plates and sculpture
  • Glass... etching paste or paint for bottles, glasses, plates, and windows
  • Wood... boxes, trays, chests, tables and chairs
  • Paper... personalized greeting cards, memory albums, journals covers, art collages and hand printed papers
  • Walls... borders, and accents
  • Metal... signs, instrument panels, sculpture
A rubber stamp can’t be made into any image you want in 15 minutes, if at all. Neither will it stamp around a curve or work with those lush interference acrylic paints. A rubber stamp won’t do very well on glass, or ceramics, metal or furniture. They are rarely as large as 8 ½” by 11” and can be rather expensive.
A cut-out stencil won’t do an “o” or any shape with a middle. Unless you’re very good at it, you won’t be able to cut a design to your own satisfaction in fifteen minutes.

Screenprints  do all of this and more. 
Check it out:


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