Monday, January 27, 2014

BOOKmaking and BOSSKuts

Sorry to be gone so long! So many obsessions :~)
Papermaking of course - and now, making Things from paper.
Who knew BOOKS were so much fun?  wheew. yes, pictures, ok:

I needed to create some raised surfaces too; and so *HURRAH* finally sat down and learned how to use the BOSSKUT Gazelle. This is a digital die-cutter - think, cricut - but you can create your own images instead of being restricted to their cartridges. Hello, vector!

OK so now I have a big drawer full of cutouts. Great for embossed surfaces, tooling tin and paper, stencils...

and excellent to cut intricate shapes in opaque papers/plastics to use with photo-sensitive techniques, as with EZphoto screen and other emulsion films...diazo, Yudu...

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