Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dream & Do

SO, this has been a Very Longtime Dream.
A place of our own, a space for inspiration and exploration
 with many tools and toys
and open discussion of how, what and a glimpse of why   I create.

 Starting with some pictures from my back pages...these are some stepping stones cast in concrete. Started as carvings...some of them were foam blocks, some plaster, some plastilena, some clay and several were combinations, like plaster over foam. 
The intent was to create stone circles for garden paths using the symbols of Eight major world religions.  The garden is for many of us, our spiritual home. The ground zero, if you will, of our connectivity with the web of life.  
I don't really consider myself a good gardener but mm mm I love dirt. My dog's a digger. Both of us really appreciate that good clean dirt smell. Pine needle dirt, clay dirt, garden loam dirt, hot dry gravel on a mountainside dirt. There's a million kind of dirt smells.
I see wine appreciation courses offered around town. Anyone up for a refreshing introductory class on the deliciousness of dirt?  
Is this deletable?

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