Wednesday, September 15, 2010


rrgh waiting for some online bookkeepeeng downloads.
Takes fo'eva..
.the upside? Had time to find this blog again!
 This post = tapping fingers on desk.
Visualize us
sitting with legs crossed (below the knees) in our 40s secretarial glamor, tapping a wellshod foot to some vintage swing...moderate, patient as ever.

Something like this...
oh wait, not that one. 
This one?
hm hah, nope, not that one. Don't we WISH we were in studio carving.
Or moving along with Testing slip. This was on sculpey, greenware, and NSP kleenklay. *Note: try this again, covered and damp-boxed. They dried too fast on the edges and 

of course then
they cracked.
ok all downloads done...thanks for your time  :~).. ttfn

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